Dead Birds

by No Blood No Foul

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released January 6, 2013



all rights reserved


No Blood No Foul Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

We are a band from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan formed in 2010. Come check us out at our upcoming shows! new ep released at the start of 2013. Expect new things from us in the near future.

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Track Name: The Workhorse
Here and that and this and there
All have intentions to go nowhere
So what we do is all to shit from you
While no one know what really matters.

Where this horse is breaking down
Stand still no leaps, no bounds
Oh, there’s no sleep for us.

I know something, we all have something.
I’ve got, I have,
I have hope.

Just running life in circles
Repeating the past
Repeating what we want to forget
Beg for it, chemicals try to ruin my life.
Track Name: Not Enough
Where would I go? Just to leave there too
White noise is ringing, all cuz of you
Never ever trust me, cuz once I’m in
You’re fucked.

Humility is the cost of not being enough,
Waiting out the water of a liar.
Oh I’ve seen why we’re here.
Blown out of proportion
I blame myself
I blame me.
I’ve seen how fucked this world can be
Track Name: Feathers
She is too far away
Not that far, but far enough
And I still think about her and
And hope that she is safe.

Why do take remedies or lies and acknowledge them

I lost my best friend to sadness
Its okay, not to be okay
Track Name: Why I Still Feel Nothing
Get out of my fucking way,
It makes me wonder
What I did to be treated like this
It’s not always in the back ground

If god gave me one day
Where I was invincible,
I would set this world on fire
And watch them cook

Not talking much when there's a gun at your head
The voices told me to bring a gun to school
It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt
That someone is, that someone’s all of you.

Burn we never wanted you

This is a band of misfits
Not going anywhere
Well l feel something
When I think about all the ways
All the ways where I think about

I still feel nothing
Just leave me here
Track Name: Cancerous
What i see, it is to me, and it’s an anomaly
With its distance, and pictures, and pre-emptive measures

A sow of of great words is constantly discouraged
By swine, so divine. That makes you eat from a trough

So discouraged,
Back to the substances

I tried so hard to forget it,
But i won’t.
No i don’t think i will
No i won’t

People are people, we all need respect.

Back to the substances,
We all lose to it.
No matter, what we do, we are lost,
So fuck you

Just like your mother, born of the father
Drinks for pain, and not for pleasure.
Track Name: Father's Hands
My mind can be so uncertain to
Which way the wind blows
I never thought twice this would happen
For her I would sacrifice

Waiter please come quickly

I never thought it would come to this

In the meantime you’ve got lots of reminders
Her father said…
You’ll never go any where
So don’t try to rest your head,
The letters he wrote you
Will all burn in the end.

Set her free

Let, go.
You never paid any attention to
Which way your daughter was praying
And now you sit and let her doubt,
You’re an uncollective man.

In the meantime you’ve got lots of reminders
Her father said…
You’ll never go any where
So don’t try to rest your head,
The letters he wrote you
Will all burn in the end.